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Your almost there it’s at:

Week 11 has been posted.

Seems like this is my new obsession, the view is always amazing.

Posting a few of the pictures, not sure it will do justice to the actual view.

I should try a panoramic on the next visit.

Sebago From Douglas Mtn.

Sebago From Douglas Mtn.

Sebago From Douglas Mtn.

This thought ran thru the brain this morning thought I’d, try and do something with it.


This site came in handy:

Got the Android version of the geocashing software only to find out it doesn’t work all that well w/o cell reception. O well live and learn next time I will prep things before heading out.

The hike was good, still a bit of a challenge but seemed easier his time. Douglas was petty busy but that is to be expected the view is simply amazing. Hopefully it will work out this fall to time a hike during “peakweek”. I took some pics but they really don’t do it justice, I may post a few when I get a few minutes.

Going to check out Maine Trails to try to different hike at some point this weekend.